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UN60 Cultural and Educational Events

Celebrating the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Founding
of the United Nations in San Francisco


JUNE 1 - 5 2005 (PARTIAL LIST)

[Compiled by Lisa Gautier for the San Francisco Department of the Environment.
Reprinted by permission. For updates to this list see www.wed2005.org.]

June 1 ­5 Ongoing

Sustainable Cuisine.
Participating restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area will offer at least one dish made entirely with organic and locally produced ingredients. Presented by Om Organics at various Bay Area restaurants. Contact www.OmOrganics.org.

Green City Solutions Exhibit, at Pavilion Hall, Fort Mason, sponsored by Green Century Institute in cooperation with the UN Environment Programme, the Commonwealth Club, the Natural World Museum, and the San Francisco Institute of Architecture. Open 9:00 am ­ 8:00 pm every day. Exhibits cover sustainable community models, green design, economic models, city networking, and visual display technology. Contact www.GreenCenturyInstitute.org.

Green Screen Film Festival. Sponsored by the new International Arts Center, the Festival will feature some of today 's most important environmental films presented by environmental luminaries. Presented by San Francisco State University at Castro Theater.

Carnival of Flowers. Greenway sites will be celebrating the word "flower" with blooming flowers, children's art displays, and local children's dance troupes that will perform at the Children's Play Garden site. Art and dance costumes will be made from recycled materials and other resources found at the sanitary fill garbage transfer station. Presented by Visitacion Valley Greenway Project. Contact www.visvalley.org/green.html.

Zero Air Pollution (ZAP) Cars. During WED week, ZAP and 101.3 Star Radio will be promoting WED and clean air technology. Presented by: TMASF.

LEED Trailer ­ A Movable Meeting Space. This innovative trailer has been built to LEED standards and demonstrates environmental technology. It will travel through San Francisco during the WED 2005 festivities, visiting Fort Mason, Civic Center, Ferry Plaza and other locations. Presented by Virtual Green (LEED). Contact www.virtuallygreen.com.

People and the Urban Environment. The Center for Environment and Population and partner organizations will host a series of events on the U.S. East Coast to coincide with WED 2005, including media briefings, an experts' luncheon, and a public lecture. Presented by Center for Environment and Population (CEP). Contact www.cepnet.org.

Prison Creative Arts Exhibit on the Environment. The University of Michigan's Prison Creative Arts program and the Ella Baker Center collaborate to bring you this extraordinary exhibit of paintings and poetry, punctuated daily by ecological theme performance art. Presented by: Ella Baker Center. Contact www.Ellabakercenter.org.

June 1
Pure Elements

Economic Summit, sponsored by Indigenous Global Development Corporation (IGDC) focusing on environmental minority-owned businesses that contribute to a green environment.Contact www.igdc1.com.

Protecting Environmental Health for the Long-term: Models for Comprehensive Change. WELL Network and panelists will discuss their work in implementing successful comprehensive environmental planning.They will highlight the practicalities of implementation, and some thoughts on the European Union's REACH Program as a model. Location: Fort Mason. Contact www.wellnetwork.org.

Opening of Waribashi Chopstick Project. This project explores and exposes the tremendous environmental impact of our use of disposable chopsticks. To be installed at Japan Town Cultural Center.

Solving Water Challenges in the 21st Century: Local Solutions to a Global Crisis. This presentation will detail looming threats to the world's fresh water resources and provide practical solutions to help policy makers protect water supplies, improve efficiency, and ensure fair access at the local and regional level. Presented by The Pacific Institute of Oakland, California and the Earthday Network. Contact www.pacinst.org/wed2005.

Environmental Nonprofit Network World Environment Day Reception. A reception for hundreds of environmental nonprofits in the Bay Area. Presented by Environmental Nonprofit Network (ENN) sponsored by the Craig's List Foundation. Location: Fort Mason.

Visuals and Voices Kickoff. The year-long traveling eco-art, photography, and poetry show by Bay Area teens launches its second annual show at the Oakland Museum.Presented by Earth Team (Visuals and Voices). Contact www.earthteam.net.

Pacific Coast Builders Conference (May 31­June 3). An annual tradeshow and conference that serves residential builders and their project teams and draws over 27,000 home-builders, developers, architects, manufacturers and consultants to the industry every year. Presented by Pacific Coast Builders Conference at Moscone Center. Contact www.pcbc.com.

Our Mother Mary Found: Interfaith Sacred Art by Beth Grossman (June 1 ­3). Bay Area artist Beth Grossman will showcase her artwork: painted images and text on everyday recycled objects that retell old stories and offer new interpretations of history. Presented by Spirit in the Arts at California Institute of Integral Studies. Contact www.ciis.edu.

June 2
Redesigning Metropolis

Buying Green to Save the Planet.
The purchasing power of cities, government agencies, and commercial institutions can play a significant role in conserving resources, preventing pollution, and improving human health. When large purchasers specify environmental and human health criteria in their bid process, manufacturers listen. Presented by San Francisco Department of the Environment. Location: Golden Gate Club, the Presidio.

Nature in the City Symposium. This symposium will highlight the importance of urban ecological sustainability and explore ways to protect and restore natural habitats and optimize biodiversity. Presented by the Nature in the City Committee. Contact www.sfneighborhoodparks.org/nitc/

Tour North Beach and Telegraph Hill, one of San Francisco's most livable neighborhoods. This smart growth city walking tour through North Beach and Telegraph Hill will explore why San Francisco's Northeast is thriving as one of the City 's oldest, densest, and most diverse areas. Presented by The Sierra Club. Contact www.SierraClub.org/sprawl.

Smart Growth in San Francisco: Designing Cities for People and the Environment. A visit to two very different neighborhoods in San Francisco by bus and on foot, to show how cities can accommodate growth, enhance quality of life, and preserve open space through good planning. Presented by Greenbelt Alliance. Contact www.greenbelt.org.

High School Green Design Competition. Reception showcasing San Francisco youth and green building models from Lick Wilmerding High School and Lowell High School video project. Presented by Chong & Associates and 450 Architects. Location: TBD.

Social Equity and Environmental Justice: Green Cities. Panel with national and international guests designed to bring the initiatives from the Urban Accords into the community, culminating in practical solutions and strategies that empower citizens and community leaders. Presented by Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. Contact www.ellabakercenter.org.

Chinatown Environmental Awareness Event. Supervisor Fiona Ma will present a Non-Smoking Month proclamation will introduce Mayors at this ceremonial event. Also, there will be an interfaith and all cultural blessing of the earth followed by Native American dances, Korean drums, and a ceremonial sweeping. Presented by: Bok Pon Cathay Post 384. Location: Chinatown, Portsmouth Square

GIS Workshop (June 2 ­3). A three-hour training workshop to teach delegates how to use EarthCAT, a methodology toolkit to enable communities to successfully plan and implement sustainable development programs. Presented by Earth Council, World Resources Institute (WRI) and Global Community Initiatives (GCI).

June 3
Cities on the Move

San Francisco Ocean Beach Clean Up. A youth volunteer event focused on garbage collection from the marine environment. Since the program started in 1985, over 650,000 Californians have removed more than 10 million pounds of debris from our state's shorelines and coast. Presented by California Coastal Commission. Contact www.coast4u.org.

Green Business Reception. A celebration of San Francisco's green businesses. Presented by San Francisco Department of the Environment. Location: Lough Gallery.

River of Words Children's Art and Poetry Exhibit. Founded by former U.S.Poet Laureate, Robert Hass, River of Words is an international poetry and art contest for youth focused on watersheds.

Clean Technology Blue and Gold Alcatraz Ferry Tours. During WED, the Blue &Gold Fleet will be providing educational materials on their clean technology ferries and their commitment to the principles and practices of environmental stewardship. Presented by Blue &Gold Fleet. Contact www.blueandgoldfleet.com.

The Role of Public Finance in Promoting Cleaner Urban Power. A workshop designed to give public authorities and business professionals an opportunity to share information about best practices being used in today 's renewable and efficiency sectors. Presented by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
Contact www.uneptie.org/energy/finance.

ECO WAVE 2005 (June 3-4). Green Building, Sustainable Planning, Ecological Design (The Unstoppable Wave). A two-day conference organized by leading green architects, city planners, educators, and students. Presented by San Francisco Institutes of Architecture and Ecological Design (SFIA). Contact www.sfia.net.

June 4
Urban Power

Endless Energy: Power for a Small Planet. An interactive display highlighting solar energy and exciting new urban wind turbines. Learn the history of the "Dutch Giant Windmills " that pumped water to build Golden Gate Park. See how modern wind turbines from Chicago and Finland are designed to be bird-safe. Displays are hands-on interactive, ideal for children and families. Presented by San Francisco Department of the Environment. Location: Randall Museum. Contact www.SolarSF.org.

Art on Market Street. The Art on Market Street Program provides around-the-clock access to contemporary art for thousands of workers, residents, and visitors. Presented by Endangered Seeds Photography.

Lycee Francais La Perouse Eco-Fair and Open House. La Perouse was a famous French Naturalist. To celebrate its namesake and WED, the Lycee is having an open house at Lycee La Perouse, 700 Ashbury Street, San Francisco. Children's environmental art and ecological projects will be displayed. The community is welcome!

June 5
Flower Power

National AIDS Memorial Grove Walk &Ceremonial Tree Planting. A tour and mayoral ceremonial tree planting commemorating WED 2005 at the National AIDS Memorial in Golden Gate Park. Presented by San Francisco Department of the Environment. Location: National Aids Memorial at Golden Gate Park. Contact www.aidsmemorial.org

Flower Power Health Fair. Indigenous Global Development Corporation and the Indo-American community co-sponsor "Flower Power," a nutraceutical health fair, at African American Art and Cultural Complex. Contact www.igdc1.com.

Global Warming Panel: "Getting Warmer ". To be held at the San Francisco Public Library (SF PUC) Main Library. Contact www.sfpl.org.

A Guided Tour of Lake Merced, In collaboration with its partners, LMTF will show the unique natural and recreational features of Lake Merced and the extensive work that has been conducted to restore and preserve it. Presented by Lake Merced Task Force. Contact www.lmtf.org.

[Compiled by Lisa Gautier for the San Francisco Department of the Environment.
Reprinted by permission. For updates to this list see www.wed2005.org.]