Unity Foundation promotes world peace, cooperation
and unity
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Promoting World Peace, Cooperation and Unity
for over 35 Years

  • Reaching more than 500 Million through International Media Campaigns
  • Streaming Live from the UN and more than 2,000 websites around the world
  • Promoting Positive News and Solutions to Global Problems to Millions in the US
  • Producing 100s of Special Events with a total attendance of well over a million people

Preview of the 2014 Peace Day Global Broadcast
September 20th to 21st 2014 - www.peaceday.tv

Celebrate the International Day of Peace with the World Community
Featuring: Sustainable Solutions, Entertainment, Music,
Festivals, Celebrities, Films, Awards, Peace Building Partners

Unity Foundation has Launched a Crowd Funding Campaign to support the further development of the Peace Day Global Broadcast and the foundation's "Positive Spin" television program. The funding will enable the foundation to serve many more organizations by providing them Free Promotion on the foundation's television programs and Internet Broadcasts to showcase their vitally important work for humanity. The Culture of Peace Initiative will receive 20 percent of the net proceeds from the Crowd Funding Campaign. The Crowd Funding link is www.gofundme.com/unityfoundation.

As a Peacemaker, we invite you to join Unity Foundation in amplifying the voice and the reach of thousands of organizations working for peace, the environment, human rights, and social and economic justice.


Home | Contact | Purpose | Positive Spin TV | Services | Past History | Links