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Board Members: Who We Are




Bill McCarthy is the founder and president of the Unity Foundation. Since the organization's founding in 1976, Unity Foundation has promoted peace, cooperation and unity throughout the world. Bill is also a special event producer with a 50 year history of producing and or managing special events in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City with audiences of up to 300,000 people. These events have featured many of the most prominent people in the music. movie, and television industries. Bill has produced numerous events promoting the vitally important work of the United Nations and its humanitarian agencies. These have included events for UN Charter Day, the International Day of Peace, United Nations Day, and Human Rights Day. He is also the curator of the Museum of the City of San Francisco's on-line exhibit on the Founding of the United Nations in 1945; and the Chronology of San Francisco Rock 1965-1969. Bill has produced television documentaries for the United Nations 50th and 60th Anniversary Celebrations and a You Tube documentary for the 70th Anniversary. Bill has served as co-president for the Pacific-Los Angeles Chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA. In that capacity he was the co-producer for a series of three annual Los Angeles United Nations Film Festivals. He also served as the Communications Director for the United Nations Association Northern California Division. Bill has produced a series of international media campaigns promoting The History and Culture of the Native Peoples of the Americas, Peace in Bosnia, the Creation of a United People’s Assembly at the United Nations, and a program to provide computers for underprivileged youth in South Africa. The campaigns have reached tens of millions of people worldwide. For more than two decades, Bill has been the producer and host of the Positive Spin television program which presents positive, innovative and solution oriented news from around the world. The program airs nationally on DISH Network and DIrecTV (with a combined audience reach of 40 million homes in the US) and local cable stations throughout the United States. In addition, the program streams live from the Free Speech TV website and is available on Sling TV, Apple TV, and Roku. In 2009 Bill envisioned and co-produced the first Peace Day Global Broadcast Celebrating the UN International Day of Peace. The broadcast, now in 12th year, promotes the United Nations, it's humanitarian agencies and organizations working for peace, the environment, human rights and social and economic justice. The program gives special focus to promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2010, the broadcast has been streaming live from the official United Nations website. The Peace Day Global Broadcasts have reached millions of people throughout the world. In 2007, Unity Foundation was recognized with the National United Nations Association Earl Eames Communications Award for its work promoting the United Nations with the United Nations Association of San Francisco. Since 2015, Unity Foundation has partnered with The Peace Channel to present a series of annual broadcasts - for International Women's Day, Earth Day, World Refugee Day, the UN International Day of Peace, and Human Rights Day. The broadcasts give special focus to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Peace Channel streams the best of humanity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Bill serves as co-executive producer for The Peace Channel. Bill was recognized with a Presidential Life Time Achievement Award from President Obama for his lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service. He has written # 1 Best Selling Book on Amazon. The  book is entitled: You Can Escape The Box And Live A Life Of Miracles - Lessons from A Woodstock Journey. The book highlights how Bill has used the Power of Intention to manifest the many breakthrough achievements in his life, and how anyone can use The Power of Intention to manifest their dreams. Bill began using The Power of Intention after being inspired by attending the Woodstock Festival in 1969.  For more information please contact Bill McCarthy (760) 464-0334

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